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Purpose of erecting SNP monument in Bratislava

In 1974, only 6 years after the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, the monument commemorating the Slovak National Uprising was erected by the Communist regime in the center of the biggest Slovak city, Bratislava. The monument is composed of three main parts: giant statue of a guerrilla soldier with a submachine gun, two frightened women standing behind him and also big wall with a poem remembering the uprising appealing on us not to forget about those who died there “for our mother” and at the end with mentioning the Battle of Stalingrad as the trigger for this uprising. The Statue of the Slovak National Uprising was build by regime to support position of USSR and its army by showing only a piece of the whole story of National Uprising against World War II Slovak State.
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Where are we now?

A little memory of my childhood trips and my view of the concept of borders.
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Get ready

Looking at Central European position in actual refugee crisis in order to describe actual situation and predict the future of immigration in the region
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Differences between Western and Central Europe

Germany and Austria are still considered as members of Central Europe. If that region exists, countries included there should have more common signs. This essay is focused on economical and political differences between Central and Western Europe and then the position of Germany and Austria in these regions.
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